The Dirt

I’ll tell you exactly what you’re getting with a Vote for me, flaws and all. Lots of flaws and lots of mistakes. Through all of my setbacks I have remained determined to improve myself through self-learning and a deep devotion to my Wife and young kids. That devotion, my humility and obsessive drive is what I will share with you and take to Congress.

I’m kind, just not perfectly kind. My internal motto, work hard and do good things.

The Bad and the Ugly

I admit my mistakes. Anyone who wants to defame me cannot do worse than I do defaming myself.

In 2001 I moved here from Monterey, California on a whim to an apartment on West Katie, then bought my first house in Summerlin, which I split it in my third divorce. I’ve had three previous marriages of 2, 8 & 2 years. I kept financial secrets from each of my Wives that amounted to lies. So, I’m a recovering liar. I was single and in the Army during my twenties, so do your best to imagine how that went. There’s more. I bought another house in Centennial Hills, then lost it during the 2008 recession after my income dwindled and the adjustable rate started. I carried debt from California for as long as I could after my primary client went out of business in California. Eventually I filed bankruptcy. I carried debt from the recession for as long as I could. I’m now seven years out of a second bankruptcy from that debt.

These mistakes have made me a better person and since my Wife of 16 years manages our money, I’m a better Husband with good credit.

The Good

My Wife and her family are all Las Vegas natives. I met Marlo in 2002 and we married at Little Church of the West in 2005. She still tolerates me, and is 100% against me running for Congress. Because she knows how obsessed I get. She says jokingly, if she’s ever kidnapped that there is no doubt that I would devote my life to rescuing her. It’s true. I’m deeply devoted and focused.

We now live in Mountain’s Edge thanks to a VA loan. My six years in the Army are marked by a series of super soldier achievements during competitions and doing things that were above my rank and seemingly bigger than myself.

I was a Super Soldier. Champion M-16, twice NCO of the Year at Battalion, Brigade and
here in the Community as Monterey United Way Soldier of the Year.

My career since leaving the Army in 1992 has been marked by an ever increasing desire to stay on the cutting-edge of Internet development and digital publishing. My work day is a long series of trial and error. My projects use the latest technology in the maturing industry of Virtual Computers. I have a long list of innovations that I can share.

Today, I sit here in my home office in the middle of the Mojave Desert, scruffy and ready to do another thing that is bigger than me. And asking my neighbors to believe in my resolve to undo the damage that at least 30 years of bad governing has caused.

I’m less than ten year from retirement. My Son and Daughter will graduate from high school and graduate school the year I retire at 70 years old.

I promise to use the latest technology to remain in continuous contact with my neighbors. The District 3 office will become a hub of interaction and a place for discussion. When you want to see what I’m doing in Congress, then login, I’ll likely be streaming. I’ll ask you what you think about each Vote. Each decision. Because there’ll be an app for that.

You’ll get quarterly postcards or texts from me until you accept an invitation to verify online to get access to the app. Or, when you submit an opt-out request, or otherwise tell me to stop.

If you want to know anything about me, just ask. I have no reason to be anything less than candid.

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