Randell Hynes is an Army Veteran challenging Susie Lee

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Hynes promises to represent the affordable priorities of most Americans

Army Veteran Randell Hynes is asking his neighbors in the recently redrawn Nevada Congressional District 3 to Vote for a moderate who will humbly serve and represent the will of the People.

Hynes says he will represent the affordable priorities of most Americans and Nevadans by supporting a Veterans-led caucus to bring policy decisions to the negotiating table instead of the whims of Party leaders. “In a Democratic Republic 100% of considerations for advancing Federal policy is reserved for the People.”

He chose to run in Democratic Party Primary because of his support of Roe v Wade and the clear dominance of the Voters registered as Democrats over Republicans here.

His policy positions will align with traditional Democrats, fed up Republicans and most District 3 Independents who outnumber membership of each major party here and throughout Nevada. Similar to the trends documented by Gallup Party Affiliations trends since 2004. 42% of Voters are Independents nationwide, 36% of Clark County Voters are not registered with either major Party.

All Nevadans Can Vote in a Party Primary Election

Independents are slightly inconvenienced by Party label requirements of the Primary elections, which are called “closed”, although any Voter can take steps to get a ballot by mail or at the polls. Same-Day Party Updates give Independents a workaround to Vote in a Democratic Party or Republican Party Primary election. That upcoming June election will decide who will be on the ballot in the November 8th General Election.

Every eligible Nevada Voter will receive a ballot by mail if their Party label is Democrat or Republican by June 1st with Federal races. The other 800,000 ballots will have only nonpartisan choices.

Historically in District 3 Primary turnout has been under 20% of mostly partisan Voters, who nominate the most partisan candidate. Independents usually stay home, either by choice or unaware they have an option to Vote. Having a moderate candidate in the Democratic Primary will add value to Independent Votes.

Your Vote Matters!

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Randell Hynes is an Army Veteran challenging Susie Lee for Representative of Nevada District 3 in the Democratic Primary election May 28th-June 10th & June 14th, Election Day.

Hynes promises to represent the affordable priorities of most Americans by uniting and keeping us safe. Hynes aligns with traditional Democrats, fed up Republicans and Nevada’s largest voting group, Independents.

The Andrew Yang endorsement follows a process where Hynes expressed his alignment with many of the core principles that Yang promotes through the Forward Party. Most important to Hynes, open primaries to give all Americans a ballot choice to send representatives to Congress who will bring America forward with 21st Century technologies, unity and the tolerance needed to build a long-term energy plan, fix immigration and rebuild the Federal health services budget.


Cesar Marquez,
(707) 981-3190,

Randell Hynes,
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Randell Hynes

Candidate for Representative of Nevada Congressional District 03

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