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All Nevada Voters CAN Vote in a June 14th Nevada Primary Election

Nevada law forbids Voters to Vote in a Primary Election if the Party label on their Voter Registration application is anything other than Democrat or Republican.

By June an estimated 700,000 Nevada Voters will be registered with a Party label that forbids them to Vote in a June Primary election. Many and perhaps most Independents are unaware and should know their options.

Fortunately, Nevada law allows Voters to change from their preferred Party label to either major Party, Vote then change back to their preferred Party label later.

Party is a label, not a Pledge

Independents (voters registered as Nonpartisan, Other or IAP) can qualify to Vote in a Democrat or Republican June Primary Election

Simply Re-Register as a Democrat or Republican by mid-May on the Secretary of State website to get a ballot to Vote by mail.

If you prefer to Vote in person, go to the polls and use same day registration updates during processing. Ask for a Democrat or Republican ballot and a poll worker will re-register you to Vote.

If being labeled a Democrat or Republican doesn’t agree with you, just re-register online June 15th.

Nevada Secretary of State—Online Update >

Any Nevada Voter can re-register to another Party label. If your Party doesn’t speak for you anymore, then consider changing to another label to Vote in the other Party Primary election.

Same Day Registration or Re-Registration of AB321 of 2021

Vote in a Primary election. It’s your right.

Nevada is one of only nine States to close Primary elections to Independents. Thanks to AB321 in 2021, Nevadans may now register or re-register at any time they want, including Election Day at the polling location during processing.

The Clark County Elections Department lists Political Party Changes during processing at the election location as Option 3, on their Website. They will be prepared for updates.

What District Do I Live In?

More details coming. The current online search tools don’t have the most recent District line updates.


Despite the Primary restriction, States have the right to make their own election laws. And regardless of all of the rhetoric radiating from Congress about Voting Rights, we should resist the calls to subvert State laws. Federal reach has been used previously to address broad injustices. Not the partisan bickering that characterizes Voting as a little harder or a little easier.

Twice as many laws were passed in 2021 to make it easier to Vote than the 34 laws that are characterized as restrictive. In fact none of those laws are any different than the laws in place during the record turnout of the November 2020 General Election.

Three Common-Sense Election Proposals

Congress should avoid overreach for subverting State election laws. As it stands, the greatest effect Congress could have on Voting Rights is to give focus to the importance of Primary elections by requiring States to conduct Open Primary elections on the same week.

Make the General Elections a Federal holiday on a Monday or Friday.

All Unincarcerated Americans should be eligible.

Most Americans agree that IDs should be required for election integrity.

Every eligible Voter can Vote easily.

Featured Photo, “Let’s Vote” by Manny Becerra

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