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This profile goes a little deeper into the accomplishments of candidate Randell Hynes than you would normally find on a campaign website.

As an unknown, here is a first person summary of his 36 years career in the Army (6 years), a Tech career, while standing up for fairness

“I have a passion for Speaking Up for People without a voice.”

Candidate for representative of my neighbors in Nevada’s third congressional district
Randell Hynes
My Kids Hero, Husband 3.0, Super-Soldier, Thirty Year Internet & Digital Publishing Expert, 5th Generation Irish Immigrant—LinkedIn

US Army Veteran committing to Represent the Affordable Priorities of most Americans.

I have a lifetime of experiences recognizing opportunities to fill roles that are bigger than me and to stand up for fairness.

After executing a successful plan to keep a major trade show in Indianapolis for two more years after it outgrew a single venue, I realized I had a knack for logistics.

In my mid-twenties I joined the Army Reserve and became a Combat Engineer. I loved bootcamp. I was selected as Soldier of the Cycle and transferred to Active Duty the day after graduation.

I was a super-soldier who excelled at every challenge that I volunteered for. Besides explosives expertise, annual NCO of the Year honors, Fort Ord M16 rattle-battle champion, I became the Bailey Bridge Commander for our Battalion. I directed the logistics and build of 8o-120 ton bridges 20 times.

United Way Soldier of the Year, presented here by Clint Eastwood.

30-Year Self-Taught Tech Career Marked by Innovations

I’ve been on the cutting-edge of the tech industry for 30 years by transitioning from desktop publishing before the Internet to a Cloud Developer on an industry leading Cloud development team that has survived intact five corporate buyouts.

Milestones include membership in the consortium that created the standards for DVDs, I published GolfWell DVD, the first known video/data hybrid DVD, I installed DirecPC dishes from Brooklyn to Monterey when dial up was the only Internet otherwise available, I personally arranged the first high speed Internet connection to Panama, and automated Internet translation of documents via LOGOS network. Legacy ASP skills lead to JavaScript & TypeScript based work in MeteorJS, Node.js & the latest Angular for cloud apps in Infrastructure as a Service applications. For the last decade I’ve maintained and developed a legacy ASP app and a cutting-edge Angular app that both interface with VMware products and other vendor APIs.

I Have a Passion to Speak Up for People

These are the most relevant experiences related to what I’m asking my neighbors in Nevada Third District to entrust me with.

My work in the Army put me in a position that allowed me to know when a soldier was not being treated fairly and the soldier didn’t know recourse even existed. Enlistment issues, transfers and family compensation were typical incidents. Most of the time issues could be cleared up simply by teaching the troop how to proceed. In a few cases, I helped with a letter and standing by a soldier while they respectfully spoke their mind to a commander. It was all about fairness. I completed a successful response through Congressman Duncan Hunter, Sr. for a troop facing a faulty ROTC transfer.

Taxi Driver Advocate and Lobbyist—I have always loved driving and chatting with folks. As a young adult living in Indianapolis, if I needed extra cash I’d rent a yellow cab and work it for 24 hours. When I arrived in Las Vegas in 2001 I’d spent a year working on my own app project and needed cash. So, I went to Nellis Cab to rent a cab. Which I learned wasn’t an option. What I said would be a three week gig turned into a weekend job for six years. I loved it. However, I didn’t love that the excessive number of cabs on the street made it impossible for most day drivers to earn minimum wage.

I began preparing statements for Taxi Authority and Nevada Taxicab Authority hearings speaking for all the taxicab drivers, who didn’t have a voice.

Later, when even night drivers were having a difficult time competing with other cabs and limos, I filed an 8th District pro se case against most Strip casinos and Limo companies for diverting rides from cabs to limos. After the case was thrown out I had the luxury of continuing with Internet publishing work. I lobbied for drivers at the 2009 Nevada Legislature and was disappointed in the unfair treatment there. The drivers who had no other skills to turn to suffered.

Solar Industry Advocate, Instructor and Lobbyist—2009-2012

At the end of the 2009 Legislative session I sat in on hearings for the solar industry and identified a niche to fill. I went to Associated Builders and Contractors of Nevada and formed an instant partnership to develop their solar instruction classes. Over the next three years Solar Forces Inc. nonprofit taught over 1200 tradesmen about solar at ABC and CSN, which many used to get their OSHA Solar PV Installer license. Yet, there was still work to do for the industry. I started Dollars & Sense of Solar classes, started the Nevada Solar Authority to install solar. The solar industry was and is still struggling in this region, despite being rated as the best place on Earth to generate electricity from solar PV.

I went to Carson City in 2011 to lobby for the industry and had reached a point where solar cooperatives could become a reality. The bill’s sponsor pulled the BDR after I presented my plan by going on the record saying that NV Energy persuaded him in the hall on the way to the hearing to drop it.

The Middle Party—Over 15 years ago I began to study what I could do as an Internet professional to advocate for change in Congress. The pandemic finally gave me time to reflect further and start to write down ideas that had been dammed up in my head for decades. In the beginning I believed that another political Party was needed. After five months of research and writing I determined that everything that is needed to fix Congress already existed in the current system. And that we just need to inform Voters to leverage the apparent weakness—Primary elections.

Rampart Caucus—I started over here based on what I determined to be immutable, Two Parties, that together represent everything that Americans value, yet separately, each represent less than 30% of registered Voters. It’s that mismatch that I’m attempting to realign by informing Nevada Voters about the importance of voting in a Primary election.

I’m prepared to be an independent voice in Congress representing Nevada’s Third District as a Moderate Democrat. I’m a literal bridge builder asking my neighbors to trust that I will be a virtual bridge builder and moderate a reset in Congress leading to a more responsive government.

I’ll be a Bulldog in Congress to influence the agenda to work for People instead of Parties.

A double-single Bailey Bridge — Copyright © Christian Amet
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