A Pledge to My Neighbors

Congress People are public servants, not leaders. We elect a Mayor, Governor and President as leaders. As a Congress Member I will humbly and transparently represent all of my neighbors. Not just Democrats. Voting Party line does not take into consideration the other 70% of people in each District.

As a Veteran considering country and a Moderate I’ll serve independently and consider only the interests of the People and Country.

I will consider all policies based on these common-sense standards:

  1. Is it an Affordable Priority of most Americans? Do we really want it?
  2. Does it Unite Us with actual liberal listening and considerations?
  3. Does it Keep Us Safe?
  4. Will it contribute to Economic Certainty?
  5. Will it create Equal outcomes of Opportunity?
  6. Does the policy avoid favoring one group over another group?
  7. After all the bills are totaled, can we still afford it?
  8. Indebting future families should only be considered if we can’t afford to wait until another budget period.
  9. Every Department in the Federal Government will be vulnerable to cuts or elimination based on these standards.
  10. Every Department will be required to share resources with other Departments, as determined by Congress.
  11. Each policy should be offered on its own merits, in its own bill. Omnibus bills are anti-productive.
  12. Above all, does the policy firmly adhere to the principals of the US Constitution.

Since March I’ve been applying the problem solving skills that I’ve learned from the Army and a 30 year digital publishing career, then pouring out ideas from my head that have been dammed up there for over 15 years.
Those articles were focused on finding a path to a third party, which I determined to be unneeded. I will edit and republish those articles regularly between now and March.

Congress is nonresponsive, simply, because too many of Us skip the Primary election. I challenge my District to vote and set the example for the other 434 Districts and the Nation in the Battle Born Voters Challenge.

In pursuit of your valuable Vote, I will also be striving to make the Votes of every American matter by asking you to Vote. Even if it’s not for me. Just Vote!

If encouraging my neighbors to Vote causes a higher turnout in District 3 and that sets the example for the other 434 Districts to do the same thing, then that is a Win for everyone!

Randell s hynes—Candidate for nevada district three
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