Nevada Prosperity—Land, Water & Sun

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Western States are predominantly Federal Land.

The State of Nevada is an island in a sea of Federal land, with 13 million acres, or about the total of Maryland and Hawaii combined.

Growth is hobbled by land and available water.

Colorado River Commission of Nevada—

The agreement that controls our access to water from Lake Mead is 100 years old in November. Drafted in 1922 when Las Vegas was a stopover.

Now, of course, we’re a booming metro area and the greatest destination ever known.

This area is the best place on Earth to generate electricity from Solar PV panels, yet that industry still struggles to prosper.

Our outward growth is restricted by access to Federal Land. After a 20 year drought on the Colorado River Basin and heroic conservation efforts our hopes that snowfalls and other conditions in the upper basin are fading, yet a sense of urgency doesn’t seem to exist.

There must be steps taken to expedite access to water now to ensure that if the drought continues we have a proactive and preemptive plan.

What now?

Randell Hynes

Candidate for Representative of Nevada Congressional District 03

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