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Our Democratic Republic is built on the Constitutional Right for States to organize elections to choose Representatives from each District and Senators who will serve the People of the District and America collectively.

The very heart of the Hynes For Nevada campaign is a call for Nevadans to lead the country by setting an example for Voting in a Primary election. The Battle Born Voting Challenge.

The Primary election is more important than the General election for two reasons and both reasons are being hampered by increasingly lower participation. Only 10% of registered and mostly partisan Voters turnout.

For example, there are 85 Voters on my street. Of those, 3 Voters will Vote in each Primary. Because there are 35 Voters who cannot Vote unless they update their registration to Democrat or Republican.

Good candidates are discouraged from running for office because they can’t anticipate that enough Voters will show up to represent the General electorate of the District.
Because only 10% of mostly partisan Voters show up, the sense that “My Vote Matters” is lost.
When the other 90% of Voters show up in November they wonder why there aren’t better choices.


The 34 bills passed in 2021 in mostly Red States that are being called “suppressive” are no different than laws that already exist in other Red & Blue States. Not one of those laws stops any American from being able to Vote.

The Voting Rights bills in Congress are gross overreach.

A single-topic bill to require all Congressional Primary elections on the same week, and making the General election a Federal holiday on Friday or Monday would produce the fairness we need.

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Randell Hynes

Candidate for Representative of Nevada Congressional District 03

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