College Loans Scandal

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Federal policy that allowed young adults to take huge loans as easy as dropping gum on the counter put higher education further out of reach for anyone who planned to work their way through college. Or, for families who expected to save and send their kids through college.

With a new cash cow universities raised tuition and other costs at a rate higher than ever before.

Officials who caused the scandal will never be held accountable, just like IRRESPONSIBLE GOVERNING at all turns goes without consequences.

A reset must occur to ease that debt. Loans should be recalculated at the prime rate and at the year 2000 tuition rate of that school. Costs should be reduced or returned by the school. And a pledge by each institution must be made before participating in future Federally subsidized education can occur.

No across the board loan cancellation.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness—This Federal program is meant for student loan forgiveness for Americans who have dedicated 10 years or more to public service. It seems like a great opportunity for career teachers to get a break.

I believe the Department of Education is not useful and should be abolished.

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